Flange facing Machines can be quickly and easily assemble at site. These portable, powerful units are ideal for use in the shop or in the field for flange reconditioning of both raised and flat surface flanges.

Techno Nexus offers a rugged and innovative portable flange facers, upto 3250 mm diameters, the broad working range of the flange facing equipment allows the operator to resurface and recondition the bolt pattern with the flange facer. Each flange facer model can be adjusted to produce a surface finish from 63 to 500 rms. For better surface finish high speed grinding and polishing attachments available.

One person can set up and operate the flange facing equipment. Reface, bevel, square, or end preparation configuration for welding using these tough, portable tools.

The raised face, RF, is the standard process connection on our third party seals and thermowells. Both have options for a RTJ and FF type flange connections. The Raised Face (RF) is the most common type used in process plant applications. The gasket surface of the flange is raised above the bolting circle face. A Ring-type Joint (RTJ) can also have a raised gasket face with the difference being the ring groove machined in this face. This groove will accommodate a steel ring gasket for flange mating. The Flat Face, FF, flange has a gasket surface that is in the same plane as the bolting circle face. None of these three flange types are interchangeable between types, i.e. RTJ flange cannot be mated to a RF flange. ​